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Dierks Bentley says his father was a big country music fan. 

The singer tells his dad really appreciated "the simplicity of it," explaining he "loved that even if you didn't know a song, you could almost guess the next line" and "could always be singing along." 

Dierks adds that in launching his own country music career he learned that it's "really hard to make it look that easy."  Bentley says that one of his dad's favorite songs was Dierks' 2003 single "My Last Name."  He recalls trying to create a bluegrass version of the song, and how his dad "did not like that at all.  He liked the original."  Dierks adds that his dad "was right." 

Bentley says he can really hear his dad in four tracks in particular on his latest album, Riser.  He says "Here on Earth," "Bourbon in Kentucky," "Damn These Dreams," and his current single, "I Hold On" aren't specifically about his father, but they remind him of his dad. 

The singer explains that he didn't include any songs that are directly about his father because "that would've been too dark," and his dad "wouldn't have wanted that."  Bentley has said two major life events -- the death of his father and the birth of his son -- influenced "Riser," which is in stores now. 

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