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Luke Bryan says he's noticed the male domination among the newer country stars. 

The singer tells "Entertainment Weekly" he thinks it's a weird phenomenon that he finds disappointing.  

Luke also admits he doesn't know why it seems to be harder for female artists to achieve their breakthrough, and he doesn't know what can be done to solve it.  Bryan explains that he believes "historically it's always been that way a little bit," but he thinks right now is "the toughest time ever for women." 

Luke says two factors might be at play.  He explains that "the landscape in the minor leagues for women are tougher in country," because "it's tough for a girl to, at the age of 16, start hitting the honky tonks." 

Bryan adds that when he was starting out, for a radio tour he could wake up, throw on a hat, and go to the station.  But he says the women "have to be able to hang with the guys but also be feminine and pretty, and it's just a tough dynamic." 

"EW" points out that the last solo female country artist to have her first two singles reach the top ten was Taylor Swift back in 2007. 

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