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Katy Perry has been named the new face of Cover Girl cosmetics. 

On Monday, the beauty brand announced that the pop star will be the latest celebrity spokesperson for being "easy, breezy and beautiful." 

In a statement, Katy said she's "always considered makeup a powerful creative avenue of self-expression" and that she's "honored" to be partnering up with the brand. 

Letting fans in on the news on Twitter, Katy wrot

The singer will start appearing in Cover Girl campaigns in the spring of 2014.  Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath will also be a part of Katy's campaigns, giving the star "bold new beauty looks."  

Katy has teamed up with other beauty companies in the past.  Apart from her fragrances, the singer released a collection of nail polish colors with OPI and also launched her own line of fake eyelashes last year.