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TLC is revealing more about their collaboration with Lady Gaga. 

In an interview with "MTV News," the surviving members of the R&B group said a new song called "Posh Life" may appear on their new album. 

They say Gaga had originally written "Posh Life" for herself, but decided not to release it as she felt it was too similar to the sound TLC is known for.  T-Boz says when they got wind of the track, she and Chilli approached her about singing it together. 

She describes "Posh Life" as "hilarious" and said it was "so funny" to hear the Mother Monster "[sing] like us."  

Apparently both TLC and Gaga are pleased with how the song came out and are "excited" for fans to hear it.  But it has yet to be added to the new album's official track list.  T-Boz says that now it's up to "them record company people" to decide whether to include it. 

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