Check Out Jake Owen's Crazy Suit

One of the cool things about being a musician is that you can go to work wearing whatever you want. Who's going to stop you? In fact, the crazier it is, the more people may talk about it, and you know what they say about publicity.

You could go old school country and wear one of those Nudie suits. Or, you could show up in whatever the heck JAKE OWEN found. He posted a video on Instagram and wrote, "Flamingo suit on point. Found it at Kohl's for 79 bucks."

It's called an OppoSuit, which is also the name of the company, and you CAN buy them at He's wearing the FlaminGuy, which will run you $99.99, so I guess he did find a bargain. There's also a camouflage version that I don't hate.



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