Taylor Swift Owns $71 Million in Real Estate

What did you own when you were 27? I believe my "holdings" included a backpack, a hot plate, and a not-so-gently-used Buick Century. What does 27-year-old TAYLOR SWIFT own? Only about $71.2 MILLION in real estate.

E! Online broke down her holdings. She owns seven homes, from Rhode Island to Beverly Hills to New York City . . . with a total of 46,864 square feet.

Three of them are mansions, two are penthouses, one is a mere "home", and one is an apartment.

She's got a total of 39 bedrooms, 43 and a half bathrooms, 21 fireplaces, five pools, five bars, two tennis courts and one ocean view . . . which is at her vacation home in Rhode Island.

On a related note: Taylor dropped a teaser for her new video "Ready For It?", where she's wearing a body suit that looks like a combination of "Tron" and Scarlett Johansson from "Ghost in the Shell".

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