Chris Lane Glad His Parents Made Him Go to Church

When CHRIS LANE was a kid, he didn't understand why his parents were so strict about making him go to church. But now that he's an adult,he gets it.

He tells Rare Country, quote, "We were in church every Sunday morning, every Sunday night, every Wednesday. My parents were firm about that. When you're a kid, it's hard to appreciate because you want to be playing in the yard or whatever.

"The older I get, the more I realize and the closer relationship I have with the Lord,you truly realize if you put Him first, things will work out how they're supposed to."

That strong foundation is helping him deal with the temptations that come with being a country star. Quote, "Without a doubt. I have devotionals that I carry with me all the time that are my favorites. It's an easy way to stay grounded."

If I didn't stay grounded, I'd be running from my dad. He's still pretty strict and would try to beat me."

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