Brantley Gilbert Tour Bus Caught Fire

BRANTLEY GILBERT didn't seem overly upset last week when he posted a clip of his tour bus on fire. He joked that he was adding pyro to his show. But what a difference a week makes.

His tone has changed now that he knows the extent of the damage. Quote, "Yeah, the bus is done. You know, we had it built with [our son Barrett] in mind coming and we had just finished all the baby aspects and got it just perfect.

"Everything that I own that fit me is burned, a couple guitars, documents, letters, notes,pictures, all the baby stuff that was on there. You know, it's not so much like, 'Awww,your bus burned down.' It's more like, 'Man, my house burned down.'"

He's done his share of sleeping on the bus and he was pretty attached to it. Quote, "It's just my place. It's kind of like my little sanctuary so I feel like I kinda lost an old friend a little bit but we'll build another one."

Brantley still has dates on his The Ones That Like Me tour so he's making due on a temporary bus for now.

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