Carrie Underwood Had Exact Mother's Day You Might Expect

posted by Todd Robbins - 

CARRIE UNDERWOOD had the exact type of Mother's Day you might expect from someone with a three-year-old. She posted a close-up photo of the T-shirt she was wearing . . . which read, "Don't Mess with Mama."She captioned it, "Unfortunately, my kid can't read, so I have been messed with.Pretty sure he put yogurt in my hair and I'm being forced to watch 'Fraggle Rock'.Oh well, I've got coffee and squirmy cuddles, so it's all good. Happy Mother's Day."

My shirt for today...unfortunately, my kid can’t read, so I have, indeed, been messed with. Pretty sure he put yogurt in my hair and I am currently being forced to watch Fraggle Rock (he loves the classics). Oh well, I’ve got coffee and some squirmy cuddles, so it’s all good! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

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