Lauren Alaina Is Obsessed with Onesies

If I told you LAUREN ALAINA is obsessed with onesies, you'd probably believe me. She's cute, they're cute . . . but mostly, they're warm. They're the perfect thing for a girl like her to wear on a freezing tour bus.

She says, quote, "I always have to have a onesie because we're still all on the same bus . . . and if you know me you know I'm obsessed with onesies, but it's like a real thing. I sleep in them.

"I sleep in onesies because I get really cold at night and I do not like to be cold.The boys are all, like, hot natured, and they're men, you know? I'm like the girl on the bus that's freezing, so I'll wear onesies."

She never forgets to pack one before going on the road, but if she did, the bus would be making a special stop. Quote, "We'd be going to Target and getting one.I mean, that's how crazy I am about having a onesie."

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