Kane Brown Is Married

KANE BROWN and his fiancée Katelyn Jae got married on Friday at a farm near Nashville. There were 200 guests AND a bouncy house. Instead of writing out vows they exchanged letters to each other earlier in the day.

And speaking of permanent, he's already showing off a tattoo of her name that he got on the side of his hand. It's written in cursive with the bottom of the "y" curving into an infinity symbol. 

As far as a honeymoon, they're all about peace and quiet. Quote, "We chose someplace that we both love and can just completely relax and spend time appreciating nature, each other . . . and no cell service." He's 24, she's 26.

It looks like they're going to be off the grid for at least a couple of weeks. His short film debuts November 2nd, and his new album will drop a week after that.

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