This company is giving away a free vacation just for voting!

It’s Election Day, but plenty of people will still not go to the polls for a bunch of reasons. Some just don’t care about politics. Others don’t think it will make a difference (those people are all incorrect, btw).

But the travel company Contiki is trying to change things and encourage people to vote today by giving away a free vacation to anyone who takes a selfie with their “I Voted” sticker and posts it on Instagram with the #VoteWithNoRegrets hashtag.

One lucky voter will get a free vacation to exciting locations such as Cambodia, Portugal and New Zealand -- plus $1,000 worth of airfare. Not too shabby!

HERE is a link to more info. For the record, the radio station has nothing to do with this promotion; I just thought it was cool and that you might want to know about it.

GO VOTE! If you don't vote, you're not allowed to complain about politics or our government. Now get out there! 

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