Top Things We Hate About Our Boss Include Micromanaging and Rudeness

Whether you like your boss or hate them is directly correlated to how close they SIT to you, according to a new study.

It found that the farther away you are, the more likely you are to DISLIKE them. Here are the Top 10 reasons people don't like their boss . . .

1. They micromanage.

2. They're never available, or don't respond.

3. They're incompetent.

4. They're rude.

5. They're condescending.

6. They have no empathy.

7. They're a bad listener.

8. They gossip.

9. They're self-serving.

10. They have a bad temper. Being "too nice" was also a fairly common answer.

The study also looked at which states hate their boss the most. New Mexico is #1, where a full THIRD of people don't like their boss. The rest of the top five are Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan, and Iowa. 


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