Would You Wear a Mask for These Different Activities?

A new survey looked at how many of us would be willing to wear a mask during different activities. And one in ten people still wouldn't wear one ANYWHERE in public, even if it's the law. Here are the results . . .

1. In the car? 76% don't think you need one while driving or riding in a car.

2. While exercising? 71% said no.

3. Getting your order at a drive-thru? 66% said no. So only a third of us are doing it.

4. On a date? 66% would refuse to wear one.

5. At a friend's house? 60% said no.

6. At a bar? 55% wouldn't. 49% said the same about restaurants.

7. Pumping gas? 54% wouldn't.

8. While you're at work? 53% said no.

9. At the movies? That one was a 50/50 split.

10. While getting your hair cut? 48% said no.

11. On public transportation? 44% wouldn't wear one.

12. At a doctor's office or the hospital? 42% still wouldn't wear a mask.

13. At the grocery store? 31% wouldn't. 


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