Trade a $20 bill for a $100 bill?

I would like to say that it's amazing how dumb criminals can be sometimes. But this time its more amazing how gullible the victim was. Check out all the details of this story below:

FULL STORY:  There's being gullible . . . and then there's this guy


A guy was at a train station in Palm Beach, Florida last week when a stranger walked up and asked if he had change for $100.  The guy said he only had $40.


The stranger offered him the $100 bill for $20.  And the guy apparently didn't think that was suspicious, so he agreed to the trade.


Then, once the stranger was gone, the guy realized the $100 was fake.


The cops are looking for the stranger, but I can't imagine they're looking too hard. 


(Palm Beach Post)

Amber Parker

Amber Parker

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