Asymmetrical Jeans Have Arrived . . . Just $462-Per-Pair

Back in January, a designer createdasymmetrical jeans. . . they had one wide leg that flared like a bell bottom, and one leg that was tight and tapered like a skinny jean.

Well, we're happy to announce that they're now on sale.

Neiman Marcus iscarryingthe asymmetrical jeans . . . and they cost $462-per-pair.

They come in women's sizes, from extra small to large, and believe it or not, all sizes are still in stock. 

(CW 7 - Boston/Neiman Marcus)

(Here's apictureto remind you how ridiculous they look.)

Jill Lambert@JillLambert1217
Ugh, no.

Would you ever wear asymmetrical jeans? See the trend that's dividing the internet

Check out the style for yourself!
7:39 PM - Sep 6, 2019
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Originally posted on September 10th, 2019

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