Sprint's Super Bowl Ad Has a Dad Faking His Death in Front of His Kids?

Sprint's Super Bowl ad is out . . . and there's a chance it's this year's 'controversial' one.

It's about a dad who's having trouble getting out of his Verizon contract, so he FAKES HIS OWN DEATH . . . in front of his kids.

He takes his teenage daughter and young son out to the edge of a cliff . . . puts a dummy in the driver's seat of the family car . . . and pushes it over. His kids are just standing there watching it, and he says, quote, "Well kids, Daddy's dead."

At one point, the boy asks the dad, "Isn't that illegal?" And a subtitle comes up saying, "Yes, extremely illegal." It's supposed to be funny, but this is awfully dark humor for a Super Bowl ad.

It wouldn't be surprising if it got the same negative reaction as that Nationwide Insurance ad a few years ago, where the kid talks about how he can't do the things other kids do because he died in an accident. Although that one was serious.

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