A New Trend For Older Couples: Not Living Together

The trend over the past few decades has been for couples to move in together as QUICKLY as possible. But clearly, that's not for everyone.

According to a new study out of the University of Missouri, older couples today are doing the OPPOSITE . . . and REFUSING to live together.

The researchers found that when single people over 50 get into relationships, a lot of them aren't getting married or moving in together. They're in a fully committed relationship, they just live separately.

The main reason is that they like to keep their independence . . . they're used to their life and their routine, and they want to keep that. But some of them also do it because of the old school stigma about couples living together when they're not married.

The researchers say it can be a good idea for couples of ALL ages to stay separate for a while, since jumping right into living together can sometimes accelerate a relationship that shouldn't be accelerated.

Quote, "If more people, young and old, saw [being together but living apart] as an option, it might save them from a lot of future heartache."

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