Jason Aldean Eats a Bowl of Popcorn Every Night

JASON ALDEAN and his wife Brittany did a video chat and answered a bunch of fan questions. Why? My guess is that she's trying to stay visible so she can promote her makeup line. Certainly seemed like he wasn't into it but, y'know, love.

At least we get to hear some inside stuff. One of the first questions was about kids and he said, quote, "We're working on it." I believe him.

Asked if they'd do a reality show, she seemed interested, but the last thing he wants after coming home from the road is a bunch of cameras in his house.

Their number one argument is about hunting. She'd like him to stop, which he never will. Not only is it one of his biggest passions, he's also one of the Buck Commander owners. He's allergic to cats and called them the devil's pet. She thinks they're angels.

Her favorite guilty pleasure is gangster rap and the show "Marriage Boot Camp". His guilty pleasure is five cups of coffee a day, power bars, and a bowl of popcorn every night.

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