Tommy Tuberville Considering Alabama Governor 2018

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Tommy Tuberville is reportedly considering a run for governor of Alabama in 2018.

Tuberville, who coached at Auburn from 1999-2008, recently resigned after a 4-year tenure at Cincinnati. The Arkansas native has no political experience, but that's not necessarily a dealbreaker to hold high office these days.

"Two words -- Donald Trump," Terry Lathan, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, told CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd for a story published Tuesday. "See, Nov. 8."

Former football players or coaches entering the realm of politics isn't unprecedented. Two-time Alabama governor Fob James was a star halfback at Auburn in the mid-1950s.

The former Auburn coach is considering a run for the state's highest office. If ever a coach in this state was cut out to be a politician, it's him.

Robert Bentley's second term as Alabama governor expires in January 2019. State law allows no more than two consecutive terms as governor, though given the scandals that have riddled his administration of late, it's unlikely he could win a third term.

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