Jason Aldean's Wife Organized an Awesome Birthday

It's good to be JASON ALDEAN. And not just because he has a smoking hot trophy wife. Actually, yes it is. Brittany clearly knows what a man wants, and what HER man wants is . . . other men to compete against.

His 40th birthday was yesterday, so she organized a birthday excursion for him and some friends to play hockey. This wasn't a cute little gathering at a local rink with cake and a few laughs.

She secured an entire ice rink in Steamboat Springs, Colorado so the boys could suit up just like real NHL players and skate till they dropped. We're talking full uniforms, including helmets, pads . . . the whole nine yards.

She posted a few photos of the fun. There's a pic of the two of them looking all happy on a plane. There's a photo of him in full uniform while she's trying maneuver past his visor to get a kiss.

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