ABC Bringing Back "Battle Of The Network Stars"

If you've ever wanted to see Sofia Vergara from ABC's "Modern Family" run an obstacle course against Sophia Bush from NBC's "Chicago P.D." and Katharine McPhee from CBS' "Scorpion", you might get your chance.

Because ABC is bringing back the CLASSIC '70s show "Battle of the Network Stars".

For those of you who TRAGICALLY never experienced this chaos, it was basically a mini-Olympics held every six months and fought by three teams, made up of stars from the three networks. Yes, kids, back then there were only THREE networks.

So you'd have people from shows like "Charlie's Angels", "Welcome Back Kotter", "Knots Landing", and "Little House on the Prairie" competing in swimming relays, foot races, kayaking, 3-on-3 football and other games.

And guys like Howard Cosell and Bruce Jenner . . . whatever happened to THAT guy??? . . . did commentary and interviews.

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