4 Stats on the Average Office March Madness Pool

If you want to start a company office pool for the NCAA tournament this year to show off your leadership, here's some advice: Do what all great leaders do and copy other people.

A new survey found the numbers on the average March Madness pool. Check 'em out . . .

1. The average entry fee is $22.44. So you'll probably want to make yours either $20 or $25.

2. You'll get about 41% of your coworkers to enter.

3. Men are more likely to participate than women.

4. Make sure there's a good prize. 75% of people say they'd be motivated to participate in an office pool if there was a chance to win money.

The survey also found 76% of people will check March Madness scores during work hours . . . and 53% will stream some games on their computers during work.

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