NFL Preparing Training Video for Appropriate Celebrations

The NFL's war on touchdown celebrations has reached a NEW level of absurdity. Which is saying something . . . because the league has been very fixated on eliminating these celebrations for years now.

The Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent says they're putting together some sort of "educational training video," which will, quote, "show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations." (???)

Obviously, that's ridiculous . . . and no 'educational' video is going to be taken seriously by the players. It couldn't NOT be lame even if QUENTIN TARANTINO directed it, and it involved Sam Jackson fighting snakes with a jackhammer on Air Force One.

When it comes down to it, end zone celebrations are always going to walk a subjective line, and the only thing the league can REALLY do to stop it is ramp up the personal fines and team penalties. But ultimately, I have to ask: WHY?

Yes, if the celebrations are WAY over the top or vulgar, then they deserve unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. But most of them are harmless emotion and fun, that only last a few seconds. Is it really THAT big of a problem?

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