Top Things To Do Behind a Self-Driving Car

Fully self-driving cars might be a ways off. But we're planning to get up to all sorts of nonsense behind the wheel once we have one . . .

According to a new survey, here are the top ten things we plan to do once we don't have to keep our eyes on the road . . .

1. 45% will talk on the phone more often.

2. 34% will text and reply to emails.

3. 27% will read.

4. 21% will watch videos or movies.

5. 19% will take naps.

6. 11% will play video games.

7. 10% will meditate.

8. 7% will engage in SEXUAL activities. That includes 11% of men, and 3% of women.

9. 5% plan to drink ALCOHOL behind the wheel. 13% think it'll eventually be legal if you're in a self-driving car.

10. And 2% plan to exercise in their car once it can drive itself. (???)

(PR Newswire)

Picture provided by Business Insider

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