Luke Bryan's Hosting Advice to Dierks Bentley is..

If you're tired of LUKE BRYAN and DIERKS BENTLEY promoting the ACMs, we get it. But you gotta give them credit . . . they're relentless. And they have fun messing with each other while they do it."

E! News" asked Dierks if Luke's given him any hosting tips, since he's done it for longer. And Luke's advice was . . . terrible.

Ready? Quote, "Pound high fructose corn syrup, and dehydrate yourself." He says it's "the new health thing."

In other words, Luke WANTS Dierks to look bad, so that HE looks good. But Dierks doesn't listen to any of it, because it's all weird reverse psychology . . . drink a lot, party the whole weekend, etc.

And they already explained how they'd handle an Oscar-type mistake . . . just power through. But Luke joked about ANOTHER way with "Inside Edition". Quote, "Just start knocking people out."

So yeah, they keep their comedy duo thing going for pretty much every interview. Maybe it's a good warm-up for the show?

Our very own Bobby Bones will be presenting an award this Sunday as well.  The ACM Awards, 7 PM on CBS

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