Five Stats About How We Eat Grilled Cheese

When you make a grilled cheese sandwich, are you a traditionalist . . . just bread, cheese, and butter? Or do you get all fancy with it? A new survey got pretty in depth. Here are five stats about how we eat grilled cheese . . .

1. 55% of people prefer to use just one type of cheese. The most popular is American cheese . . . cheddar is second.

2. Surprisingly, just 27% of us like to stick with the classic, cheese-and-bread combo. 73% put at least one other ingredient in there. For some reason, blondes are slightly more likely to do it than brunettes.

3. The four most popular add-ons are tomatoes, bacon, ham, and eggs. But isn't that an egg sandwich? Is it really still a "grilled cheese" if there's egg in there?

4. The four WEIRDEST things we'd be willing to try on a grilled cheese are sauerkraut, tuna, peanut butter, and chutney. (???)

5. And 64% of people said they'd be willing to take a bite of a "mystery" grilled cheese, where they had no idea what was on it. As long as there's bread and cheese, about two-thirds of us would give it a go. (PR Newswire)

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