Trains In Tuscaloosa Can Now Receive Ticket 's

There's nothing worse then having to sit at a railroad crossing, while the train is sitting at a dead stop on the tracks.  Well according to Mayor Walt Maddox, railroad companies will now be ticketed if the train is sitting still at railroad crossing for more than five minutes.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox said Tuesday city police will write tickets to railroad companies that cause unreasonable delays. It’s illegal in the city to obstruct a crossing for longer than five minutes, with the exception of passenger trains that are picking up or discharging riders.

“We certainly understand the rare occurrences when events necessitates trains blocking intersections,” Maddox said Tuesday. “However, recent events have demonstrated that we are seeing an ever-increasing number of trains blocking major intersections for unreasonable amounts of time.”

Tuscaloosa Police met with UA and state officials last week to discuss the issue of trains blocking major intersections, he said, after the video circulated of students climbing over and under the stopped train.

“The delays are major inconveniences for motorists, but even more importantly, they are becoming public safety issues with deadly consequences,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Tuscaloosa News

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