Scientists Figured Why The Dress Looked Different

It's been more than two years since "The Dress" went viral . . . and believe it or not, scientists JUST figured out why some people thought it was blue and black and some people thought it was white and gold.

Apparently, it had to do with how much you SLEEP.

A study at New York University found that people who wake up earlier were significantly more likely to see it as white and gold. People who tend to sleep in were more likely to think it was blue and black.

The original image was seriously overexposed, so our brains had to make assumptions about the colors.

People who wake up earlier are used to more natural light, so their eyes subtracted the blue light and they saw white and gold.

People who wake up later and stay up later are used to more artificial and blue light, so their eyes are more likely to subtract yellow light . . . which left them seeing a blue and black dress. Now you know. (Daily Mail)

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