Someone Hacked All of Dallas's Emergency Sirens

At 11:42 P.M. on Friday night, every single EMERGENCY SIREN in Dallas went off . . . all 156 of them.

They're supposed to warn people when a tornado or a dangerous storm is coming, and since there wasn't one, people assumed the worst. Could they be under attack?

Well, they weren't. It turns out, someone HACKED the system and set off all the alarms.

And they did a damn good job too, since it took the city's crews 95 minutes to shut them off . . . and it basically required them to unplug the entire system.

The biggest problem with the prank . . . besides showing how vulnerable the city was to a hack . . . is that people started calling 911 to find out what was going on. And that made the wait times extra long for people with real emergencies.

The FCC is trying to track down the hacker.(Washington Post)

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