A Dog, Cat, and a Rat

The Humane Society in Oshkosh, Wisconsin recently ended up with a dog, a cat, and a pet rat after their owner couldn't take care of them anymore. And they were all extremely bonded to each other.

The dog's name is Sasha, and looks like some sort of terrier mix. The cat is black-and-white, and its name is Jack. And the rat's name is Tweeks. It's your run-of-the-mill rat, like you'd see in a New York subway, but with black fur.

The original owner told the workers they should all stay together if possible, and they weren't lying. As soon as they put them in different rooms, the cat got really depressed.

So they decided to put it back in the same room with the dog, and it perked up. Then they put the rat in with them, and it seemed even happier.

They started calling them "The Rat Pack," and let them all stay together while they looked for someone to adopt all THREE of them.

Obviously most people don't come in looking for a dog AND a cat. And if you tack on a RAT, the odds drop significantly.

But a woman recently came in with her daughter, and said she'd take the dog AND the cat. They didn't want the rat at first. But once they saw how bonded they all were, they decided to take him too. (ABC News / UPI)

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