Car Wash Benefiting Teen Killed in Cottondale


Family and friends are fighting to pay for a funeral for the Tuscaloosa County teen shot to death at a birthday party over the weekend.

They’re trying to raise money to lay their loved one, 19-year-old Christopher Champion, to rest the right way.

More than a dozen people gathered at the Advance Auto Parts on Old Birmingham Highway in Tuscaloosa Wednesday. Washing cars for cash and taking donations to go towards Chris' funeral costs.

Shelley Harmon, Chris' sister-in-law, helped organize the fundraiser. 

“I just really miss him and we are trying our best to get up the money for him,” said Harmon.

“He was very sweet and very outgoing,” said Friend Brittany Stringham.

Stringham describes what happened the night he was killed at the birthday party at a Cottondale home.

While playing peacemaker Stringham said he was caught in the middle trying to restrain the gunman and was shot to death.

“I seen him laying there I can't get him out of my head. I have nightmares about it,” said Stringham.

Loved by many, Britanny, Shelly and others said Chris deserves the proper burial and they will be washing cars 9 - 5 p.m. until Friday at the same Advance Auto Parts on Old Birmingham Highway taking the donations.

“He won't be forgotten. He'll never be forgotten,” said Stringham and Harmon.

Investigators said the suspect, 21-year-old Corey Walton, is facing an assault charge for shooting another man at that same party in addition to a murder charge.

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