Check Tyler Hubbard's Custom-Built Dirt Bike Track

TYLER HUBBARD doesn't have to go very far to do some dirt bike racing . . . because he has his own custom built track. He calls it Hubbard Hills and it's the real deal.

He posted a video of himself and others enjoying every bit of it. He captioned it, "Thanks @Ben_Linderman for smokin' me around my own track and making an epic video to capture our epic Saturday. Can't wait for next time."

The "Ben" guy that he name-checks is the reason the video is so awesome. He works at a company called Snaproll Media and they make aerial videos.

Tyler has posted other videos of his Hubbard Hills track, but without the same production values an Saturday. Here's one from February that he captioned: "Back on the bike after over four months. Dang, it feels good. Needed it."

You may also remember when Tyler and BRIAN KELLEY rode with their hero, motorsports legend Travis Pastrana.

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