Free Dock Inspection's


Danny Hamner discovered a troubling trend once he started inspecting Tuscaloosa-area boats docks after the bodies of two women were recovered from Lake Tuscaloosa over the weekend.

"Found problems there and I did two this morning and found there also," said Hamner.

Hamner is the electrical service manager for Premier, a company that does full service commercial and residential electrical work.

Premier is inspecting electrical work on docks in the Tuscaloosa-area for free right now to ensure wiring or grounding problems don't lead to getting shocked, or worse.

“It's going to lock up your muscles to where you can't swim. That's what causes drowning," according to Premier marketing director Danielle Moeller.

Warning systems like the Dock Lifeguard detect whether there's electricity coming from the dock to the surrounding water.

Hamner says in the last two days, he's inspected old docks with conductors that were corroded and caused the water near the dock to be charged.

Moeller warns people should be cautious if power outlets, lights, and other things are running on the docks they use.

"We want their families and children to be safe. I mean no one else should lose their life over something like that," said Moeller.

You can set up an appointment with Premier at (205) 752-6332.

Photo courtesy of Fox 6 WBRC

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