Video Game Hall of Fame Just Announced 4 New Entries

The World Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York just announced its brand new group of entries. It's only the third class since the Hall of Fame opened and, like the previous two classes, it pulls from a few different eras.

The four games that are going in this year are:

1. The arcade game "Donkey Kong".

2. The first Pokemon game, "Pokemon Red and Green", which was for the Nintendo Game Boy. Its name in America was "Pokemon Red and Blue", if you're confused.

3. "Street Fighter Two", which debuted first for Super Nintendo.

4. And the first "Halo" game, "Halo: Combat Evolved", which was on Xbox.

Some of the games that were considered but didn't make the cut are "Wii Sports" . . . "Solitaire" for Windows . . . "Mortal Combat" . . . "Resident Evil" . . . "Myst" . . . and "Tomb Raider".

The four new games will join the 12 that are already in the Hall of Fame, which includes "Pong", "Pac-Man", "Super Mario Bros.", "Doom", "Tetris", and "World of Warcraft". (USA Today)

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