Crayola Finally Announces the Replacement

Remember back in March when Crayola announced they were retiring of one of their core 24 crayons for the first time?

They wound up cutting the dandelion color, which didn't seem like a "childhood wrecking"-level loss considering dandelion had only been part of the box of 24 crayons since 1990 . . . and there were still PLENTY of yellow crayons available.

Well, they just announced the new color they're replacing it with. And it's . . . blue.

They say it's a very specific shade of blue that was only discovered in 2009 by a chemist at Oregon State University. But, I mean, it's a blue crayon.

And the box of 24 crayons already has the following blue colors: Blue . . . blue-green . . . cerulean . . . indigo . . . and blue violet. With this addition, that means 25% of the box is now blue.

But they want to keep on stringing this thing along, so NOW they're asking people to help them name it. You can submit a name at

Then they're going to announce the top five name options on July 1st, people can vote, and they'll unveil the new name in September. This is an absurd amount of effort for, basically, replacing a yellow crayon with a blue one. You're losing us, Crayola. (PR Newswire)

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