First Trailer for "The Emoji Movie"

So you've been wondering how Hollywood planned on making a movie about emojis? Well, wonder no more, because the first trailer for "The Emoji Movie" is here.

And it seems like they borrowed some plot from Pixar's "Inside Out".

It takes place in the city of Textopolis, where all the emojis live. All the other emojis just have one expression, one emotion. And then there's Gene, voiced by T.J. MILLER, from "Silicon Valley" and "Deadpool".

He's supposed to be the "Meh" emoji, but the problem is, he doesn't FEEL "Meh" all the time. Which is obviously a crisis for an emoji. So he goes on a quest with a couple of friends to figure out how to be "normal" like the rest of them.

Other emojis are voiced by Anna Faris, James Corden, Sofia Vergara, Christina Aguilera, Maya Rudolph, and Jake T. Austin.

There are also two truly inspired bits of casting: Comedian Stephen Wright plays Gene's dad, Mel Meh . . . and as you've probably already heard, Patrick Stewart voices the POOP emoji . . . who shows up at the end of the trailer.

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