Kid Needs Emergency Surgery After Swallowing Piece of Fidget Spinner

A toy doesn't truly become a fad until it almost kills a kid. So congrats, I guess, FIDGET SPINNERS . . . you've arrived.

A 10-year-old girl named Britton Joniec in Houston, Texas was in her mom's car on Saturday and decided to CLEAN her fidget spinner by putting it in her mouth. She's 10. Ten-year-olds do stuff like that.

Well . . . one of the little bearings fell off and got lodged in her esophagus. She could still breathe, but she was turning red and drooling, so her mom rushed her to the hospital.

And she needed emergency surgery to have it removed.

Fortunately, she's okay, but take this as a warning: Tell your kid to keep their fidget spinner out of their mouth.(Houston Chronicle / Facebook)

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