Tim and Faith's Soul 2 Soul Tour Grocery List

This is the kind of stuff most of us know is true, but wish it weren't. One of the reasons TIM MCGRAW and FAITH HILL look so damn good is because they eat tons of veggies. 

We found the grocery list for last night's Soul 2 Soul Tour stop in Boise, Idaho. Check it out. It includes arugula, baby chard, baby kale, spinach, green garlic, asparagus, rhubarb, radish, turnips, and baby joi choi.

The "Idaho Statesman" interviewed the supplier who delivered the groceries, and she said everything had to be locally grown, which is great for the farmers in the area. 

And let's circle back to the part about Tim and Faith looking good. The supplier also mentioned she wasn't "super familiar" with them so somebody showed her a photo and told her that Tim is 50, and Faith is 49. 

She said, quote, "Yeah, they're eating greens, because that's how you look like that. You're not going to look like that if you're not eating healthy." Obviously, that's just her opinion . . . but I can't argue. 

By the way, here's one of the dishes that was served at last night's show . . . and it sounds way tastier than the grocery list: "Pasta with baby spinach, dried chilies, pine nuts, torn basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano and light citrus green garlic cream."

Photo courtesy of idahostatesman.com

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