Guy Busted For Doing 88 MPH in His DeLorean

I'm pretty sure if you buy a DeLorean, you're basically GUARANTEEING that you'll wind up committing this crime.

A guy named Spencer White from Santa Clarita, California recently got himself a 1982 AMC DeLorean . . . which, of course, is the car from "Back to the Future".

He took it out onto the highway on Friday night and as he was driving, he realized he was going 85. In "Back to the Future", the DeLorean would travel back in time when it hit 88 miles-per-hour.

So Spencer figured he might as well crank it up to 88 . . . you know, just to see what happened.

Well . . . he didn't travel back in time. He DID speed right past a cop, though, who pulled him over and gave him a speeding ticket.

That makes him the second person to get a ticket for doing 88 in a DeLorean. A guy in England got pulled over for the exact same thing last year. (Santa Clarita Signal)

Spencer White poses in front of his 1982 DeLorean. Samie Gebers/Signal

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