Are These the Top Ten Inventions of All Time?

Some people say the printing press is the most important invention of all time. Once you could print thousands of copies of a book, more people could read it. So it was the first time you could spread information on a massive scale like that.

But the printing press did NOT make the list in a new survey on the top inventions of all time. The survey was done in England though, so the TEABAG did. Here are the top ten . . .

1. The wheel.

2. The refrigerator.

3. Modern sewage systems.

4. The plough, because it made farming so much easier.

5. Penicillin.

6. The Internet.

7. Armor.

8. The light bulb.

9. The clock.1

0. Teabags. A guy from New York named Thomas Sullivan usually gets credit for inventing them. It happened in 1908 by MISTAKE. He packaged samples of tea in little silk pouches, and people assumed you were supposed to dip them. (Express)

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