What's It Like to Play Barney the Dinosaur?

Your first instinct would probably be to make fun of a guy who would spend 10 years playing the giant purple dinosaur on "Barney and Friends". But you'd be a FOOL . . . because it was a sweet gig.

DAVID JOYNER was Barney from 1991 to 2001, and he has no regrets. Sure, the suit weighed 70 pounds and got up to 120 degrees inside . . . so he was basically sweating profusely at all times.

But the money was good, and he was able to buy himself a house with the money he made off residuals alone.

David actually got a degree in electronic engineering technology, and worked for Texas Instruments for six years before auditioning for Barney.

He ultimately gave up on Barney to try some non-dinosaur acting. He did guest spots on a bunch of TV shows . . . but now he's back in a furry animal costume on a YouTube show called "Hip Hop Harry".

Image courtesy of play.google.com

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