48% Wish We Could Wear a Uniform to Work Every Day

Americans are all about expressing themselves and being unique. But we're also lazy and strapped for time. So this is an interesting question . . .

If you could just wear the same boring UNIFORM to work every day, would you do it? According to a new survey, almost HALF of us would.

48% of people said they'd rather wear a uniform to work every day, so they wouldn't have to put an outfit together. Obviously some people do that already. So we're really talking about office jobs.

If the uniform thing is off the table, the majority of us prefer a CASUAL dress code. 20% said very casual, like jeans and a t-shirt . . . 36% said somewhat casual . . . 28% said somewhat formal . . . and 16% said very formal, like a suit-and-tie or a pantsuit.

41% of people in the survey said they aren't always sure if what they're wearing to work is appropriate. That includes 48% of men and 31% of women.

They were also asked to list things they've WANTED to wear, but decided it was too casual. Some of the top answers were flip-flops, leggings, baseball hats, jerseys, shorts, cargo pants, tracksuits, and pajama bottoms. (PR Newswire)

Image courtesy of tradesd.com

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