Baby Born Mid-Flight Gets Free Plane Tickets for Life

If airlines keep doing this, women might actually start TRYING to give birth mid-flight . . .

A woman flying from Saudi Arabia to India went into labor at 35,000 feet on Sunday. The crew members and a paramedic who was on board delivered the baby. He was premature, but he and his mom are both doing fine.

Now the airline has decided to give the kid FREE FLIGHTS FOR LIFE.

Jet Airways is one of the biggest airlines in India. They fly to about 20 different countries, including several cities in Europe and North America. So he'll be able to travel the world if he wants to.

We've seen stories like this before, but airlines don't usually offer a LIFETIME of free tickets. It happened once last year when an airline based in Libya gave a kid free flights for life. And an airline in Malaysia did it back in 2009.

There was also a story last summer about an airline in the Philippines that gave a little girl a million frequent flyer miles after she was born on a flight from Dubai to Manila. (CNN / MSN)

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