Singer in Midland Used to Be Calvin Klein Model

There's a new guy who's probably going to start making those "hottest male country star" lists. His name is MARK WYSTRACH and he's the lead singer in MIDLAND. Their song "Drinkin' Problem" is closing in on the Top 10.

Anyway, this isn't just my opinion, although I do think he's dreamy. He used to be a Calvin Klein underwear model, and an actor. One of his meatier roles was as Fox Crane on the NBC soap "Passions".

But he's not the only interesting guy in Midland. Bass player CAMERON DUDDY used to direct music videos. He won an MTV award for his work on Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven". And yes, he directed the "Drinkin' Problem" video.

I guess we should bring up the third guy, guitarist JESS CARSON, who mostly just has a cool name. Just kidding, although he does. He was in the news last month when his wife Camille gave birth to their second child in a hospital parking lot.

We joke, but they're obviously very serious about the music, and they're getting noticed. They've been asked to open on Tim and Faith's Soul 2 Soul Tour, as well as shows for Kenny Chesney and Darius Rucker.

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