Four Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs don't sweat like we do, so they can get heatstroke really fast. But there's an easy way to figure out if it's too hot for them to run around outside . . .

Just take the temperature and the humidity, and add the two numbers together. If they add up to more than 150, that means it's too hot. So they should probably stay indoors. Here are four more quick summer safety tips if you're a dog owner . . .

1. Watch out for signs of heatstroke. The main signs are heavy panting and loss of energy. So if you're on a walk and they start acting weird, find some shade and give them water. Or if they're really bad, spray them with a hose and call your vet.

2. Don't MAKE them go swimming. Most dogs like to swim. But some breeds like pit bulls don't. So don't carry them into the water, because you'll just freak them out. If you toss a stick in and they don't go after it, don't force them to.

3. Don't burn their paws on the sidewalk. Just test the ground with your hand before you go on a walk. If it hurts to keep your hand on there for more than a few seconds, don't walk them on the sidewalk. Find a place with grass instead.

4. Give them a haircut, but don't shave them. Trimming their hair is okay. But some dogs have an extra layer of hair that actually helps keep them COOL in the summer. So check with your vet first. Or google the breed of dog you have.

Don't shave them though, because they can get sunburned. And they're more likely to get bitten by bugs if they don't have any hair. ( /

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