The Best State to buy Beer in is...

It's so strange to think that people around this country can pay WILDLY different prices for a case of America's signature cheap beers.

The website Simple Thrifty Living analyzed the cost of 24-packs of Bud Light and Miller Lite around the country. They took prices from urban and rural areas in every state to really try to get a solid picture . . . and here's what they found.

People in Michigan pay the least for beer. The average price for a 24-pack is $14.62, or about 61 cents per can.

The rest of the five cheapest states are California . . . Illinois . . . North Carolina . . . and Connecticut.

People in Pennsylvania pay the most for beer . . . which probably comes from the strict laws there that prevent most stores from being able to sell it. The average 24-pack costs $21.98, or about 92 cents per can . . . 50% more than a can in Michigan.

The rest of the five most expensive states are Tennessee . . . Texas . . . North Dakota . . . and Rhode Island. (Detroit Free Press)

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