Julio Jones Lost $150,000 Earring

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver JULIO JONES recently went jet-skiing at Lake Lanier in Georgia, and he made the mistake of wearing a diamond earring worth around $150,000. Well, he lost it.

That shouldn't be THAT big of a deal for Julio . . . since he's made over $50 MILLION off his NFL checks alone. But he wanted it back.

So he brought in a two-man diving team to find the earring. He paid them $500, and told them roughly where he thought the earring came off . . . a spot where he had fallen off the jet-ski.

But even then, the divers came back up empty-handed . . . because finding an earring at the bottom of a lake is VERY HARD.

The lake is 65 feet deep, and it's pitch black at the bottom. There's also a lot of debris. The divers said there are a bunch of TREES at the bottom that have been there since the lake was filled back in the 1950s.

Basically, the only hope was that the divers' lights might catch a glint off the diamond . . . but aside from the murky water and the debris, the lake also has a soft bottom, so it could've easily become buried.

One of the divers said, quote. "It's down in crevasses and nooks and crannies. It's impossible . . . absolutely impossible."

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