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A 2-year-old who was looking for her parents walked through wet concrete in her home's basement.

Porter Concrete Construction shared photos on Facebook showing little Izzadora Millaway and the trail of footprints she left through the basement of her family's Cleveland home when she went searching for her parents.

"Normally we see cats and dogs run or walk in concrete, but not this time. This little girl was trying to go see her mom and dad, so she came from upstairs to the basement to find them."

Sara Millaway, the girl's mother, said she and her husband were with Porter workers looking at their work from outside when the toddler walked down the steps into the basement and trudged across the wet concrete.

Millaway said she briefly considered leaving the footprints as a memento of Izzadora's amusing misadventure, but she decided instead to do a pair of "official keepsake" footprints on the still-wet floor.

Photos courtesy of upi.com

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