Brett Eldredge Can Clap with One Hand

BRETT ELDREDGE's self-titled fourth album is out Friday, so to help promote it he took questions from fans on a CMT Facebook chat. Here are a few good ones.

Asked about his favorite country legend, he went with George Jones. Somebody wanted to know if he has a secret talent, and he proceeded to clap with one hand.

His favorite food is barbecue ribs, and if you ever get a chance to share a rack with him, mind your manners. He was asked what people don't know about him, and he said, quote, "I really don't like eating noises. So don't chew around me. It's gross."

His craziest road experience happened recently. Quote, "I caught a bra onstage without looking."

As for the old "advice to an aspiring musician," he said, quote, "Be relentless. Take the no's and turn them into yes's. People are going to tell you no a lot of times, and if you really want it, then you have to want it as much as you breathe."

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